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Nintendo 3DS news and reviews

Nintendo 3DS Console Review

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Nintendo 3DS Console Review

Nintendo, one of the world’s premier names in game technology, came out last year with the original Nintendo 3DS console to rave reviews. This August, the company released its latest 3DS unit. The new 3DS XL takes everything that made the original so great and makes it bigger. A quick look under the hood of this magnificent machine will show why this 3DS console is still a best-seller even with competition from smart phones and tablets.

Like its predecessors, the latest Nintendo hand-held device has full backward compatibility with the older Nintendo DS and DSi units. That means all your favorite games will still work on the new system, although older games won’t have the 3D effect that gives the Nintendo 3DS console its name. Still, being able to play old favorites on the new system is a great reason to upgrade to a bigger, brighter screen. More accurately, the new units have two bigger screens as well as an upgrade to the stylus technology that makes playing on them so much fun. The older Nintendo 3DS console already boasted impressive screens, but the 3DS XL offers 90 percent more real estate on each screen. The top screen is larger at 800 pixels wide to enhance the 3D effect, but you can also adjust the slider to modify or remove the sense of depth, a nice touch if you find that the latest arcade-style jumper isn’t working for you in its 3D view.

With a big library of older Nintendo DS games on which to build, the 3DS console packs plenty of gaming into a single stylish unit. A host of new games that take advantage of the device’s larger screens, including more augmented reality games such as a planned series of new Pokemon titles. Motion sensors and gyro sensors make games more fun by keeping you moving with the on-screen action. StreetPass and SpotPass features keep these games up to date and let you play online with friends.

The 3DS console is more than just a gaming system, though. With two built-in 3D cameras, it can also capture more realistic images of the world around it. The dual cameras create the illusion of depth without requiring glasses to view, so you won’t have to go through a wardrobe change just to enjoy your pictures. If you choose, you can also take standard 2D pictures with a third inward-facing camera. You aren’t limited just to snapshots, either; the units can also take up to 10 minutes of video footage with sound. You can also use it to create your own stop-motion animation or time-lapse footage.

One accessory that the Nintendo 3DS XL doesn’t include is a charging cradle, but in North America, the unit does come with an adapter. It’s also designed to fit in a standard Nintendo 3DS console cradle, so if you already own a 3DS, your new 3DS XL can time-share with it.

With its sleek styling, longer battery life, extended memory and bigger screens, Nintendo has aimed this console at more experienced gamers. That doesn’t mean the casual gamer will be forgotten, but you can expect to see more sophisticated titles on the 3DS XL system than on the companion 3DS, which Nintendo plans to continue manufacturing. The 3DS XL is definitely worth the investment, especially if you’re a die-hard gamer.


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  1. The console will be initially released in either Black or Blue and some of the games that will be released for the launch of the console include Mario
    Kart 3DS, PES 2011 3DS, Ridge Racer 3D and The Sims 3.
    Nintendo 3DS has a graphical power boost and graphically it will surpass the PSP without any effort.
    The virtual communication (street pass) will add to the excitement of
    users because they won’t know what they’ll see
    when they get home.

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